'I AM What I Think' 11 Eleven Healing BLOG by Renee Guzzardi

  • Don't Put All Your 'Signs' Into One Basket

    When I used to run the store, I had a lot of Gen Z’ers (whom I love by the way) who would talk to me about their relationships and pre-judge people based on their signs. They were 'putting all their eggs into one basket' by making a 'snap' judgment based on that person’s astrological chart.
  • A Month Surrounded By Love - Balancing A Blocked Heart Chakra by Diana Scinto

    A month that radiates love. I’m supposed to be feeling so loved, surrounded by lovey-dovey energy, and giving off radiant light, right? Yet I have felt lonely, isolated, and defensive.
  • What You Should Know About Human Design

    Are we coded at birth? Is our life determined by the time and place of our birth? Can our existence be broken down into an intricate mechanical system that explains how we function as human beings? Find out more in this blog...
  • What Goes Up, Must Come Down (and then must go up again)

    So the most recent 'mountain' I traveled up and down involves the closing of my shop. Another 'happening for you and not to you' moment in life. Last week, I closed our storefront in Ridgewood, NJ because I didn't want to run a large retail operation anymore. It was taking away from my ability to grow the business and also depleting me of energy needed to really be present with my family and with mySELF. Not everything in life is forever and that's ok. The Universe and my spiritual team had a bigger plan for it all.
  • Chaos To Completion

    "But that's OK..." is a quick follow up phrase I use when I'm in a place of negative self talk.

    We are our biggest critics and often blame, shame, and judge the shit out of ourselves. So when I say "Renee, you're such a dumbass or Renee, you should have known better or Renee, you really f'd that one up",  I always follow it up with "But that's OK". It translates in to 'I love and forgive you' for saying, thinking, or doing in a way that wasn't so high vibe. It gives you a clean slate to learn and start over.

  • Happy Anniversary, Part II - From Death, The Birth of Purpose

    Through all of the craziness, I found purpose. I have made connections in life I never would have if I had not chosen this path. Those connections have healed and humbled me in so many ways. I truly believe we are all made up of the same stardust. We are all interconnected.
  • Happy Anniversary - Part I

    Four years ago this month, I did what some might think was impossible. I left my 14 year insurance and financial services career and opened a Reiki practice. In my 40's I dared to set off on to a path that I'm sure most thought I was nuts for doing.

    The reasoning?

    The voices in my head told me to do it.

  • 'I AM' A Blogger

    I know by extensive experience that my brain, my mind, my thoughts... What I once deemed demons and enemies have transmuted in to salvation and my most trusted guides. That tangled up mess and my ability to pull it all apart and interpret it has created real magic in my life.