A Month Surrounded By Love - Balancing A Blocked Heart Chakra by Diana Scinto


Here it is.

A month that radiates love. I’m supposed to be feeling so loved, surrounded by lovey-dovey energy, and giving off radiant light, right? Yet I have felt lonely, isolated, and defensive.


I was under a lot of stress which led to my heart chakra being blocked last week. I felt like I was isolated, misunderstood, and unloved. This happens from time to time but it’s important to recognize your feelings and ask yourself why?

Examples of when our heart chakra is blocked:

  • You may tend to isolate yourself excessively
  • You feel lonely
  • You hold grudges against people you love
  • You’re overly defensive
  • You find it difficult to trust others

I feel lonely because I feel like no one understands me or cares for me as I care for them.

I isolate myself to feel safe and protected from anyone who can bring me down further.

I get defensive from being misunderstood and it causes me to overthink in my own mind.

I was in a funk and I allowed myself to stay stagnant for a few days and you know what? That’s ok. It's what I needed.

After a few days, I told myself "That’s enough. You gave yourself time to feel your feelings. Now you need to get back on track."

My heart chakra was off and I knew I needed to tend to it. When engaged, your heart chakra allows for the giving and receiving of love. Your heart chakra is empowered by the color green. Green crystals such as Green Aventurine, are one of my favorites. Keeping this crystal close is very helpful in these times.

I put on a green shirt and I choose healthy green foods that align with this chakra as well. I used what I had on hand; kiwis in the morning for breakfast and added sliced cucumbers to my lunch and dinner. I also visited with a friend! We laughed and I reconnected with gratitude for these moments. These are simple ways that you can take part in your own healing.

If you'd like, you can start right now. Place one or both hands over your heart and repeat the affirmation:

“Love and beauty surround me and flow into my life freely.”

Repeat this 3 times and if you want you can do this while standing in front of a mirror or sitting down. Whatever way that feels comfortable.

I like to tell my clients that starting small is all you need to do to head in a more positive direction. Change one thing in your day to offset a redundant pattern. Five mins of meditation can change your mindset. Choosing just one healthy piece of food for just one meal can make all the difference. Simple steps. Work smarter, not harder.

Author Bio:
Diana's path led her to 11 Eleven and she has integrated Reiki as a regular lifestyle practice in her own personal life and now feels called to support others in their journey as well.
"Reiki has helped me overcome feeling stagnant and remove blockages within my body and I want to share that with others. We all deserve to be living on our highest vibration." - Diana


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