Don't Put All Your 'Signs' Into One Basket

I love astrology. It’s super complicated and involves years of study to get proficient at understanding and interpreting every intricate part. I find it a great resource and guide for confirming whether or not I’m on the right track. Part of our non-physical blueprint is made up not by just our zodiac sign but a bunch of other interstellar and celestial placements.
Every time there is a cause; some sort of lunar cycle, planetary or star shift, or a change in the energy fields around the earth, ergo there is an effect. Every person's “chart” is different whether it is a little or a lot and it can have a big difference in how a person absorbs, relates, and reacts during any given energy shift outside of the earth's lower atmosphere. You can use astrology as a tool and a resource but make no mistake, you can’t control every desired outcome with it. It’s not about “what will happen” according to your chart, but what awareness and direction should I be diving into or embracing in my next steps.
How do I relate to this energy?
When I used to run the store, I had a lot of Gen Z’ers (whom I love by the way) who would talk to me about their relationships and pre-judge people based on their signs. They were 'putting all their eggs into one basket' by making a 'snap' judgment based on that person’s astrological chart. Literally, because social apps like SNAPCHAT reveal your natal chart to your other friends.
The chart and sign are just one piece of it.
No matter what one human design or natal chart reads, you may be missing out on a really important experience or relationship because your Ego is trying to control the desired and possible future outcome of that connection. Shying away from life experiences is a big 'no bueno' to me and is counter-manifesting.
A person may be born under a certain sign but there is so much that goes into how they see and relate to the world and themself. What else were they exposed to in their life that had an effect on who they are right now?
For example, I used to let my Scorpio vibe disempower me. I had a very rough childhood. My role models didn't teach me how to use my Scorpio energy for good and inner peace. Most of the time I was using my zodiac traits to punish and self-sabotage myself because that's all I knew; how to treat me like crap because nobody ever showed me I was worth anything. You only know what you know.
Eventually, I didn't want to hurt and struggle anymore in life. I hit rock bottom a few times and I realized that there was absolutely nothing bigger or more important in this life than me. I was the only one who could actually turn things around. So I did. Step by step. Day by day. Fall down. Get up. Fall down. Get up. I used things like astrology, cards, crystals, and pendulums. etc. to try and 'figure it all out' but it caused more confusion because I was going against the natural laws of the Universe. Eventually, I realized how to use all these tools to guide and empower myself; me and only me.
I get astrology readings maybe once or twice a year if that. I randomly will see how the full or new moon may be affecting me. Every time I do, I get confirmation that I'm moving with or against the flow and adjust my mindset. I change what I'm doing or just keep going whether I feel like I'm moving in the right direction or not. I go to my inner knowing and intuition first always and the astrological information just helps me along. Most of the time, now in my life I see that I'm mostly always on track without even knowing what celestial events are occurring. How is that? I am totally connected to ME and that's the most important part of being spiritual.
If you spend time connecting to and moving with your intuition, higher self, ego, and inner child energy, developing a healthy relationship with all of it, you'll find yourself naturally moving along with celestial cycles. You will use your astrology readings and charts as a way of interpreting how ethereal energy may affect YOUR relationship with people, places, things, and experiences.
Manipulating the flow of life using astrology will not work out the way you want to especially if you are consciously or unconsciously manipulating relationships based only on the zodiac or human design traits. Go out and have experiences. Stop avoiding living life because you are afraid of things 'not working out'. No matter what, it is all happening for you and there is a purpose to everything good and not-so-great that come and go in and out of your life.
There is so much more to a person than their sign so don't put your signs into one basket or you might be missing out on something beautiful and amazing. Don't sell someone else short because of a sign. Give 'em a chance.
Wouldn't you want the same?

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