'I AM' A Blogger

Welcome to the first edition of 'I AM What I Think'.

I tend to practice what I teach. I think the best teachers follow their own words of wisdom. 

Day in and day out, I advise and guide people to pay attention to the voices in their head. There is SOOOOO much information, solutions, and guidance up there, hanging out in your noggin. GOLD KEYS are available to you every moment of every day if you could just become friends with your inner most deep and complicated thoughts.

I know by extensive experience that my brain, my mind, my thoughts... What I once deemed demons and enemies have transmuted in to salvation and my most trusted guides. That tangled up mess and my ability to pull it all apart and interpret it has created real magic in my life.

Admittingly though, I've not been following my own advice. The voices in my head have been screaming at me for a long, long time to start writing again. I hear them but by inaction, I keep replying with a "no" even though I've been longing to say "YES!".

For those of you who know me; a friend, 11 Eleven Shopkeeper, or Reiki Master & Intuitive Guide, you all know I am a very good talker, a chatty Cathy but I bet you didn't know that before there was an 11 Eleven, I was a pretty good writer. I actually ran a mommy mental health blog and I co-authored a book back in 2015.

So I was always a writer. I just took a break. I was away from it so long that I forgot. The voices in my head haven't been nagging me but simply making sure I didn't forget who I've always been.

I'm not shy about sharing my every day experiences and often talk about being friends and finding solace with the voices in my head. I think I've actually helped some of you tame those bossy and wild beasts! I share with all of you what speaks to me day in and day out. What has brought me happiness and what has brought me pain with no shame, blame, or judgment. To share my experiences that maybe one day, you too will stop trying to shut down your thoughts, but instead dive in to them head first.

To the masses, I've been wanting to share what I've learned throughout different stages of my life. I know writing is a great way to accomplish that as I've done it before and it provides me with a lot of solace.

"START WRITING AGAIN, RENEE! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?", the voices in my head have been asking over and over again.

I've been waiting for ME. I just wasn't ready and that's OK. There is a time and place for everything. The voices were just a constant reminder, a premonition of sorts that I knew this day would finally come. A random day the voices in my head would turn from idea to action.

"You are ready. Just do it", they whispered. 

So today I did. Today, I am what I think.

I am officially a blogger again.

Can't wait to see what the voices have to say to me tomorrow. 

Stay tuned...







ust because you aren't taking physical action behind what you know and feel to be true in your mind and your heart, doesn't mean 

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