What You Should Know About Human Design

This blog was written by Blanca Anagnostos, our resident Human Design expert.

You will enjoy learning about human design if you’re into western astrology. Human design is another system that opens your mind to the questions of your life’s purpose and personality. After knowing more about human design, you will gain conclusive answers to lifelong questions like ‘Who am I,’ ‘Why do I do the things I do?', and ‘What is my purpose?’

What is Human Design?

Human design is a ‘user manual’ to life. Okay, what does that even mean? Human design synthesizes western astrology, the Chinese I Ching, Jewish Kabbalah, the Hindu Chakra system, and quantum physics.

Human design is easier to understand when you use a human design chart called a Body Graph. This tool generates your unique genetic design by using the date, time, and location of your birth. I know; it sounds insane, but just hold on a second because it makes a lot of sense.

In theory, Human Design seeks to align us with our true nature and give us unprecedented awareness of how we approach our daily lives. Human Design gives you a decision-making tool that grants unlimited access to your body’s consciousness. As such, human design becomes a manual that guides you on an endless journey to living your true self.

Overall, Human Design lets us accept who we are, helping us fulfil our true purpose.

History of the Human Design

Alan Robert Krakower developed the concept of Human Design. Krakower, in 1992 using the pen name Ra Uru Ha, published Human Design System, a book that details and explains Human Design. When asked how he developed this system, Krakower confided that he had a mystical encounter with a ‘voice’ in 1987. According to Krakower, the meeting lasted eight days and nights, and it was how he received the revelation for human design.

Unfortunately, the details of the encounter are lost to us now because Krakower passed away in March 2011. However, his discovery of this ‘science of differentiation’ is apparent in his texts. Before his death, Krakower, known as Ra Uru Ha, dedicated 25 years to teaching this unique system worldwide, ensuring that Human Design would be known well beyond his own life.

When you consider the foundations on which this system stands, you realize this is something truly spectacular. In 1999, Ra Uru Ha published the Rave I ‘Ching text; the book shares similarities with the ancient Chinese texts, the I ’Ching. It speaks about ‘genetic continuity,’ which is a theme that relates to the strategy, authority, type, gates, and centres classifications in Human Design.

How Does the Human Design System Function?

Okay, enough historical background; how does the human system work?

To truly grasp Human Design, you must first understand the fundamental concepts that ‘pillar’ the system, the Neutrino, the Crystals of Consciousness, and The Magnetic Monopole.

Much of the science behind Human Design is neutrinos.

Neutrinos form the foundation for all things with weight and mass. Aside from the fact that 100 trillion neutrinos flow through your body every second, neutrinos carry tiny amounts of mass traveling near lightspeed.

On our planet alone, 3 trillion neutrinos navigate every square inch of space per second. The sun produces 70% of neutrinos, with other distant stars responsible for the remaining 30% in the galaxies.

Why do neutrinos matter? The nature of neutrinos gives the world the balance it enjoys. Because these particles contain an infinitesimally small mass, they pass in and out of everything, including us. Neutrinos are tiny streams of information, and within every human being, these particles exist that connect us to the larger stream of neutrinos.

When we are born, the neutrino system tags us. In other words, we receive imprints of the information transported by the neutrino's constant transit across planets. If this is the case, it only makes sense that neutrinos' imprint on us is definite. As such, the human design chart seeks to analyse our neutrino imprint, determining our unique design in the process. This analysis allows us to understand the nature of our personality, potential, and means of interaction.

This theory is even more astonishing when you consider that two scientists received a Nobel Prize in 2015 for discovering neutrino oscillations. Ra Uru Hu established this as the foundation behind the Human Design system in 1991.

Another fundamental concept of Human Design is the Crystals of Consciousness. There are two: The Personality Crystal and the Design Crystal.

The Personality Crystal of Consciousness rests above the head in the Head Center of the Body Graph. The Personality Crystal manifests what we identify as our ‘self’, who we think we are, and it is often called the ‘passenger’ consciousness.

The Design Crystal of Consciousness rests below the Personality Crystal, and it manifests the biogenetics of your body, the physicality of the form, called the ‘vehicle’ consciousness.

The relationship between these two crystals is like a backseat passenger (personality) who rides in a vehicle (Design) that a third party who operates (driver) or, in the case of Human Design, the third concept is called the Magnetic Monopole.

The Magnetic Monopole is the third supporting human design concept, serving two functions. The first function is to hold us (and everything) together in the “illusion” of our separateness. It keeps the Personality and Design crystals together in a relationship, similar to how a marriage holds two people together.

The second function is to connect us to our movement in time through space, guiding us along our path, what most of us would call destiny.

In summary, the three basic concepts of Human Design can be compared to chauffeured limousine ride. The car itself is The Design Crystal of Consciousness. The Magnetic Monopole driving the vehicle knows where to go and how to get there. The Personality Crystal, who we think we are, is the passenger in the back seat. It is not the job of the Personality Crystal to know where to go or how to get here; it is simply along for the ride. The Human Design System’s function is to make the passenger comfortable enough to sit back and enjoy the ride as the Magnetic Monopole guides the Design Crystal toward the desired destination.

Many of us believe that we control our destiny and path in life. It can be a struggle to sit back and allow Human Design to take the wheel from our grasp. However, to fully utilize the benefits of Human Design, we must surrender the control we think we need to have over our lives. You can download your free body graph on www.humandesignbyblanca.com.

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