Blanca Anagnostos

Human Design Coach | Reiki Healer | Crystal Practitioner |

Human Design Is The Introduction To One’s Unique Blueprint As A Soul. It’s Like A Handbook For The Real You. It Helps You Understand Yourself To The Fullest While Allowing You To Step Forward Into A Spiritual Journey. It Helps Realize The Importance Of Self-Acceptance And Unconditional Love, Which Power Your Life, Even In Change, Danger, And Uncertainty.

I encourage my clients to open up to new ideas; to switch on their intuition, inner guidance, and other senses. Human Design introduces ones own blueprint or soul's signature identity. It's a owners manual to the authentic YOU.

Your life unfolds based on the decisions you make. Even the smallest decisions can become critical to a particular trajectory in your life. The sum of all your decisions becomes the life you lead in real time.

What if you had a system that could provide the accurate frame work and give you the right tools to take inspired action and make better decisions? Human design gives you a map to follow and can better guide you on your journey and on a more directed path.

Human Design is that system.