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Blanca Anagnostos

Human Design Coach | Reiki Healer | Crystal Practitioner | Career Coach

Blanca's Journey  

I encourage my clients to open up to new ideas; to switch on their intuition, inner guidance, and other senses. Human Design introduces ones own blueprint or soul's signature identity. It's a owners manual to the authentic YOU.

Your life unfolds based on the decisions you make. Even the smallest decisions can become critical to a particular trajectory in your life. The sum of all your decisions becomes the life you lead in real time.

What if you had a system that could provide the accurate frame work and give you the right tools to take inspired action and make better decisions? Human design gives you a map to follow and can better guide you on your journey and on a more directed path.

Human Design is that system.

The chart shown above is my unique Human Design blue print.  I am a 5/1 Sacral Generator. This is the framework of how I flow through and operate in and with the world.

When I was given my Human Design chart it was life changing. I started seeking out a community to support my life goals and found that community. I have been studying Reiki, Human Design and Tai Chi for several years now. 

I look forward to helping you discover your own soul's signature identity!!!