Oracle & Tarot Card FAQ

Oracle or Tarot cards are divination tools used by professional intuitive's to help channel responses or guidance from "Source" related to specific questions or general messages needed to be passed along to the receiver. It is not uncommon to use tarot and oracle cards in the same reading to add layers to the messages or to provide clarification. 

It is important to note that readings of any kind are simply interpretations of your current energy at the time of your consultation. We are not fortune tellers and do not claim to have the ability to tell the future. You possess free will. At 11:Eleven, our interpretation of your energy and any channeled messages are meant to provide you with the tools and guidance needed to make the most of your own self-healing journey. 

FUN FACT: Anyone can use oracle and tarot cards not just professionals. 

What is the difference between Tarot Cards and Oracle Cards?


A Tarot deck is made up of 78 cards. 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana cards. Each major arcana card symbolizes milestones or overall themes of your life or current situation, whereas the minor arcana cards provide additional insight. Like a deck of playing cards, each suit (minor arcana) of the tarot deck represents an element and specific life theme it governs. Tarot offers a more direct or structured approach to "Source" guidance. Often likened to the "Hero's Journey", tarot cards typically provide guidance in story form-giving past/present/future perspective. While tarot can be combined with other methods and intuition is used to interpret, all messages follow the same foundational meaning based off the specific card.

What does each suit represent?

Swords: Element of Air and thinking or communication 
Pentacles: Element of Earth and material wealth or possessions
Cups: Element of Water and emotions or intuition
Wands: Element of Fire and soul purpose or expression 


Oracle decks vary and come in an array of themes such as Spirit Guides, Archangels, Spirit Animals, Moon Phases, or Chakras to name just a few. Oracle cards are less structured in that every deck is different and is typically used for inner knowing or real time questions. However, oracle can be used to provide guidance toward a life's journey as well. Intuition is the main translator when reading oracle which means what one card means for you, could mean something totally different for someone else.

Please always remember, that tools like cards or pendulums are not living breathing things. They are tools and a support system to help you connect to all the pieces that make up your entire SELF and the divine/spirit energy that walks with and guides you every day. 


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