We are committed to protect the health and well-being of our community, adhering to the strictest COVID-19 safety measures. We are scheduling Reiki and all other services related appointments by phone call or text only. We will discuss your personal safety concerns and help you decide whether or not an in person or virtual appointment is best. Prices vary and are based on type of session and the expertise level of the practitioner. For all inquiries, please reach out to Renee Jensen at 201-774-6551 or email us at info@11elevenhealing.com.

Diana Scinto

Diana Scinto is Reiki II certified in Usui Reiki and practices with in-person or distance sessions. Providing care for the mind, body and soul has guided her to holistic arts. Healing has been a part of her life from a young age as she always seeks out how to heal the whole body vs just an ailment. As a busy woman and a mom of 2, she understands and appreciates that we need to be mindful about our bodies and take time for self care. She has felt heavy energy within herself and has had it unblocked by receiving Reiki. In her own health journey that led her to 11:Eleven Healing, she has used Reiki as a personal modality for her own healing process. Using Reiki to help flow your energy and restore yourself can assist you to be more peaceful in everyday life. Allow her to help you feel your energy flow freely in your body.
"Reiki has helped me overcome feeling stagnant and remove blockages within my body and I want to share that with others. We all deserve to be living on our highest vibration." - Diana