Human Design FAQ

Have you ever wondered if we were coded at birth? If the life we live is determined by the time and place of our birth? Can our existence be broken down into an intricate mechanical system explaining how we function as human beings? What are the possibilities of human design and how does it apply to our lives? Find out more in this article.

If you’re extensively invested in the zodiac and astrology, then you’re definitely going to enjoy learning more about human design. In fact,  human design is another system that opens your mind to questions regarding your life’s purpose and personality. After learning more about  human design, you will gain insight into lifelong questions like ‘who am I’, ‘why do I do the things I do’, and ‘what is my purpose?’

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What is Human Design? 

There is no one true definition for human design.  Human design is a ‘user's manual’ to your life here on earth. Okay, what does that even mean? Well, we know that human design is a logical system combining the principles of astrology, I Ching, Kabbalah, Hindu Chakra system and finally quantum physics.

Human design is made more understandable with the use of a human design chart, called a BodyGraph. This tool is responsible for generating your unique genetic design by making use of the date, time and location of your birth. I know; it sounds insane, but just hold on a second and it will start to make more sense.

In theory, human design seeks to align us with our true nature; to give us unprecedented levels of awareness in the manner in which we approach our daily lives. In practice, human design gives you a decision-making tool which grants you unlimited access to your body’s consciousness. As such, human design becomes a sort of manual that guides you on an everlasting journey to living your true self. 

Overall, human design lets us accept who we truly are, helping us fulfil our true purpose in this world.


How can Human Design help me?


Human Design will provide the missing pieces to the puzzle of YOU.

Human Design can answer the questions of where specific traits come from and how you process and regulate information and emotions. Human will explain what makes you tick. It's your own personal blueprint to who you are in the most authentic form.

Inspiration | Critical Thinking |  Problem Solving | Emotional Reactions  Feelings | Drive & Purpose | Behaviors | Likes & Dislikes



Human Design goes much deeper than determining your "love language".

From inner circle to acquaintances, Human Design will uncover how you reciprocate, what triggers you, how you trigger others, and what you value or need between each relationship type throughout your life. 

Parenting Style | Romantic Reciprocation | Conflict Resolution 

Love Reciprocation | Service to Others | Triggers



Human Design is so much more than a career path map.

Human Design can provide insight into your professional archetype by explaining your leadership style and the type of employee you are. What motivates you and what causes you to feel burnout. Human Design helps guide you into a career path full of fulfillment and purpose. 

Career Fatigue & Burnout Causes | Societal Contribution | Passion

Drive | Ambition | Professional Stamina | Leadership Style | Creativity