Meditation FAQ

The goal of meditation is to anchor ourselves (energetically) into the "here and now" through inspired action and with deliberate intent to balance the connection between mind, body, & soul.
Meditation is the process in which we alchemize the "mind, body, soul connection" with our external experiences and perceptions by practicing different methods and techniques that allow us to achieve higher states of inner peace, clarity, and consciousness. When our mind, body, soul connection (the chakras) is in alignment (as above, so below), our external reality (as within, so without) begins to reflect opportunities that are in alignment with our inner reality or highest good.  
Are you someone who just can't meditate?
We have some news that's going to come as a surprise to you...the truth is, you've been meditating all along! 
In all actuality, you meditate every single day, and not only that, but multiple times throughout the day. Everyone does in some form or fashion, it's just that more often than not, you don't realize that's what is happening because it's not being done in the conventual sense of the word. Tradition teaches us that you can only achieve a true meditative state through total stillness of the mind, body, and soul.
This ideology is outdate. Traditional meditation is only one of the many ways you can reach higher states of awareness through raising your vibration. Meditation is essentially a "spiritual conduit" that allows us to connect to our higher-self and tap into our sense of oneness with the universe.                                                                                         
How us it possible to have been meditating all this time without ever realizing it?
To answer this question, we first have to understand that we are not our thoughts or feelings (that's the ego), we are the consciousness (our higher-self) that observes our thoughts and feelings. Each time we act with this understanding, we're essentially achieving a state of "active" meditation.  Active meditation is when we're connecting to our higher-self at the same time we are having a human experience. This is achieved by raising our vibration through things such as practicing mindfulness, finding gratitude, breathwork, movement, journaling, listening to music, or connecting to nature to name just a few. You can practice active meditation literally anywhere, at any time. You can mediate even while doing something as mundane as the dishes by choosing to be mindful and stay present in your thoughts as you complete the task. The act alone of observing your thoughts rather than reacting to them is a type of meditation. The more you can become aware in the moments where active meditation is occurring, the stronger your connection to your intuition will become in every day life. You'll find that you start becoming more in-tune with your "gut feelings" which is how we begin to liberate ourselves from living in a state of fear as we learn to fully trust our inner knowing. 
Why is having a strong connection to our higher-self so important?
It allows us to see life through lenses of unconditional love and when we align with the frequency of love our overall vibration rises and we become open to receiving from the universe. We start to see gratitude in the midst of challenging times by acknowledging the opportunities for growth that come from healing our pain and trauma from our challenges. Being in this receptive state means that we are actively choosing to co-create our reality with the universe. Once that light bulb goes off, you suddenly realize that life is happening for you, not to you.   
On the other hand, when we don't trust our inner knowing, we tend to live in the lower consciousness of the mind aka our ego. Living in our ego means that we live in a state of "fight or flight" readiness at all times which is often uncomfortable, unpleasant, and exhausting. The ego is our most primitive defense mechanism whos only job is to keep us safe. It does this by keeping us on high alert to the potential threats it perceives as being "dangerous" to our survival.  Anything that is an "unknown" is a perceived danger to the ego. When activated, these alerts manifest into our reality as low vibration experiences such as physical illness or injury, negative feelings (anxiety, depression, anger, shame, ect), addiction, or an overall feeling of apathy towards life. 
Simply put, meditation empowers us to put our ego in the passenger seat and allow our higher-self to drive us down the highway of life. 
Think about the difference between our ego driving versus our higher-self driving, like this: When we allow our ego to drive, it's like driving in the dark, (the unknown) with no head lights on. When our higher-self is in the driver seat, we are still driving in the dark (the unknown) except with your high beams on. 
What is the correct way to meditate?
Contrary to popular belief, meditation does not have to be done in the stillness of a quiet mind. The truth is, there is no right way or wrong way to meditate. As long as you're setting the intent to connect with your higher-self and stay present in the here and now, you're meditating.