Our Mission & Collective Vision

Our Mission:

To create safe space and encourage exploration, bridging the gap between Spirituality and the Human Experience, limitation and boundary free.


 Spirituality practices will never be fully validated or proven by traditional science, but we have the power to create our own theories, tests, and measurable results. 
- Renee Jensen

Our Collective Vision:

Humans are a Soul or a Consciousness in a body, having a human experience. There is a misconception that one's focus must be on connecting to Spirituality in order to manifest their wishes and desires. The "Secret" has programmed us all to believe that we must exist in our mindset and our intentions, projecting, hoping and praying that what we put out in to the Universal Stratosphere will return to us 10-fold. All that is required of us is to simply think and feel our best lives in to reality.

In order to connect to Above (Spirit), we must embrace Below (Human Experience). We must connect to humanity and our individual journey with presence and gratitude. We must COMMUNICATE, CONNECT, AND COOPERATE with all the invisible pieces that make up our entire SELF.

The Universe, God, the Divine; wish not to disempower us with lack of choice or free will, yet work with us through an insurmountable amount of different types of education and resources. We have unlimited divine access to these treasures if only we can connect to the guidance and messaging that is being provided to us every moment of every day through feelings, thought, and inner dialogue. 

To achieve ascension in this life, we must consciously remove the puppet strings that history has attached to us and CO-CREATE without judgement, gatekeeping, or rules.

At 11 Eleven Healing, we are continually searching for valid and real resources of education, expertise, and experience. We believe that there are many different concepts, methods, and modalities that one can test and connect to in order to co-create real life tangible and measurable results. 

Let us empower you in finding "HOME" within your physical body so that you can better connect to that which is not physical. Each of us have the ability to create our own unique faith and belief system based on our own human design.