We are committed to protect the health and well-being of our community, adhering to the strictest COVID-19 safety measures. We are scheduling Reiki and all other services related appointments by phone call or text only. We will discuss your personal safety concerns and help you decide whether or not an in person or virtual appointment is best. Prices vary and are based on type of session and the expertise level of the practitioner. For all inquiries, please reach out to Renee Jensen at 201-774-6551 or email us at info@11elevenhealing.com.

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Our Reiki Residency program was created with the intent to support the 11:Eleven Healing Reiki certification students with an opportunity to practice holistic, energy therapy under the advisement of 11:Eleven Healing founder, and Reiki Master Renee Jensen as they develop their unique process, become comfortable as a practitioner, and confident in their abilities. 

Renee, along with the 11:Eleven Healing team works closely with our students to support and mentor them along their journey as they gain experience with clients, hone in on their unique flow, and step into a piece of their purpose. 

Level I Student Practitioners perform Reiki in an educational, hands on learning environment rooted in the teachings of traditional Usui Reiki practices and supplemented with the 11:Eleven Healing mission and values.

Our Level I Student Reiki sessions are perfect for those who are curious about energy healing or who are considering scheduling a full session but want to see what it's all about first. Our reiki residency packages are priced to reflect a learning environment and is perfect for clients who have an understanding & appreciation for the journey through evolution and growth that we all must take when mastering a new skill.