African Turquoise

African Turquoise

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 African Turquoise has been known to serve as a catalyst for change; inspiring growth, evolution, & transformation. This stone motivates its owner to tap into their unlimited potential by stepping into their purpose. African Turquoise can help bring clarity to the wisdom we already possess within as well as encouraging us to share and exchange wisdom with others. Having this stone near can also help alleviate mood swings by restoring energetic balance to the environment its interacting with. African Turquoise also works to restore flow between the chakras by removing blockages.   

Effects on the Body & Mind 

  • Helps to increase open-mindedness 
  • Works to control angry or violent outbursts and reactions 
  • Restores balance to emotional regulation 
  • Encourages wisdom to be exchanged and shared with others
  • May ease joint pain or discomfort 
  • Works as a mood stabilizer 

Getting to Know African Turquoise

  • Chakra Association: All 
  • Zodiac Association: Sagittarius & Capricorn
  • Color: Green, Light Blue & Speckled 

We recommend carrying this stone with you or keeping it near by when in need of its healing energy. We also stress the importance of using crystals/stones as a supplement to medical or professional advice and do not condone crystal or any other energetic healing/guidance being used in place of medical or professional services.