Angel Aura Quartz

Angel Aura Quartz

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Angel Aura Quartz is an extremely high vibrational stone that’s energies can be felt to the touch, no matter the sensitivity of a person. This magic mineral can provide enough energy to fill environments with endless rays of joy, happiness, and uplifting energy. Angel Aura Quartz is the perfect stone to help when one may feel emotionally unstable or distressed. The energies that radiate from this stone provide a protective shield around ones aura that helps provide inner peace, mental clarity, heightened intellect, and pure serenity.

Effects on the Body & Mind 

  • Helps to restore inner peace
  • May ease or lessen the affects of depression or anxiety
  • Enhances the vibrations of love, joy, & happiness 
  • Supports overall general health 
  • Increases mental & physical vitality 

Getting to Know Angel Aura Quartz 

  • Chakra Association: Crown
  • Zodiac Association: Aries 
  • Color: Clear Iridescent 

We recommend carrying this stone with you or keeping it near by when in need of its healing energy. We also stress the importance of using crystals/stones as a supplement to medical or professional advice and do not condone crystal or any other energetic healing/guidance being used in place of medical or professional services.