We are committed to protect the health and well-being of our community, adhering to the strictest COVID-19 safety measures. Due to the rapid rise of COVID cases locally, for scheduled Reiki appointments, please bring a mask to your session. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation regarding this matter. Any questions or concerns, please reach out to Renee Jensen at 201-774-6551.

Green Banded Agate

Green Banded Agate

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Green Banded Agate helps to align the mind, body, & spirit by recalibrating the energies within the physical body. This is a stone of transmutation and has been known to stabilize emotional extremes and strengthen mental clarity. Green Banded Agate has a strong connection to the Earth which makes it a great support crystal for grounding into the physical by establishing an overall sense of peace and wellbeing.     

Effects on the Body & Mind 

  • Helps with inflammation & pain in the joints/bones
  • Strengthens concentration, memory, & information recall 
  • Neutralizes heavy or dense energies 
  • Grounding stone and benefits
  • Emphasizes heart centered emotions, reactions, & expression

Getting to Know Green Banded Agate 

  • Chakra Association: Root & Heart
  • Zodiac Association: Gemini & Virgo 
  • Color: Milky to Light Green & Colored Bands 

We recommend carrying this stone with you or keeping it near by when in need of its healing energy. We also stress the importance of using crystals/stones as a supplement to medical or professional advice and do not condone crystal or any other energetic healing/guidance being used in place of medical or professional services.