Palo Santo and Turquoise Bracelet

Palo Santo and Turquoise Bracelet

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Palo Santo Effects on the Body & Mind 

  • Energy cleansing 
  • Promotes the desire for love, partnership, and friendship
  • Free the positive energy within us
  • Eliminates energetic blockages related to anxiety and prejudices 
  • Stimulates intuition 
  • Strengthens concentration and mental clarity 


Turquoise Effects on the Body & Mind 

  • Has the ability to align all chakras 
  • Can help offset symptoms of depression and anxiety 
  • Brings emotional balance and stability into ones life 
  • Absorbs negative energy from the environment around its energetic field

We recommend carrying this stone with you or keeping it near by when in need of its healing energy. We also stress the importance of using crystals/stones as a supplement to medical or professional advice and do not condone crystal or any other energetic healing/guidance being used in place of medical or professional services.