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Smokey Quartz Sphere

Smokey Quartz Sphere

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Smokey Quartz is a stone of powerful grounding energy. This stone helps you reconnect with the core of what's important and can help you remain focused and on task. Smokey Quartz works to declutter any energies that prevent you from having a clear mind and clear intentions. Because of its ability to bring mental balance and clarity, you are able to tap into your discernment to bring your dreams into fruition. Smokey Quartz helps you prioritize yourself and your needs to allow for you to more balanced and supportive of others due to your immense sense of stability and self-love. This stone also has the ability to remove negative energy buildup and blockages to make room for positive energy and high vibrational healing to take place.  

Effects on the Body & Mind 

  • Helps process through the grief cycle 
  • Reignites a love and passion for life after loss        
  • Can help to protect against intrusive thoughts to harm oneself or thoughts suicide (ALWAYS seek immediate professional help if you have feelings related to self-harm and/or suicide National Suicide hotline 1-800-273-8255
  • Helps strengthen the muscular system and can work to prevent muscular disorders   
  • Supports bone health  

Getting to Know Smokey Quartz

  • Chakra Association: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus   
  • Zodiac Association: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn
  • Color: Smokey, Transparent

We recommend carrying this stone with you or keeping it near by when in need of its healing energy. We also stress the importance of using crystals/stones as a supplement to medical or professional advice and do not condone crystal or any other energetic healing/guidance being used in place of medical or professional services.